PTA Family Directory

The NSM PTA publishes a family directory for the private use of North Shoreview Montessori School students, parents, faculty and staff only. It is not to be used for solicitation or commercial purposes. La PTA del North Shoreview publica un directorio para el uso exclusivo de contactarse con los padres de familia para informarles acerca de actividades relacionadas con la escuela y con propósitos sociales, sin uso comercial.

New in 2017-18: Your NSM PTA is trying out a new online portal for our directory and volunteer hour reporting.  All NSM families should create an account on this system at  After you confirm your directory information, you will receive access to the password-protected online directory.

The 2016-17 Family Directory will be available until August 17.  Note: updates made on the MySchoolAnywhere site will not be saved.

For questions or to offer to help with the directory, please contact your fellow PTA volunteers at