Mentor Families Needed

We have 48 incoming Kindergarten families and need you to help them appreciate NSM the way only you do… Sign up now…

We are looking for families that are willing to take an incoming family under their wings and help them find their way around our school. Possibilities would be to go to events together, explain what a Count-Me-In Party is, show them how to log volunteer hours, sign up for the newsletter, tell them about the International Potluck and all the great NSM events, and just be the family that they can approach with questions about how we do things at NSM.

The only way to keep our community active and strong is to include all members into it.  We all want to be radically welcoming to our new families and that means we need YOU!  Please send an email to to let us know you are willing to join the Family Mentor-ship Program!  If you speak Spanish as first or second language, please let us know in your response!