Finger Printing at the Ice Cream Social

Take advantage of this great opportunity!

Parent volunteers who work directly with students and are not in the presence of a certificated teacher must be fingerprinted, including parents who drive students on field trips. North Shoreview parents can have their fingerprints digitally scanned by Contemporary Services Corporation at the upcoming Ice Cream Social. Please bring either cash or a check for $47 and a driver’s license or I. D. — you will also need fill out a Livescan form (available at the event) so please arrive a few minutes early. Fingerprinting is only required ONCE from each volunteer and will remain applicable even if your student changes schools within the San Mateo-Foster City School District.

Be sure to sign up below if you are interested, to guarantee your spot. If the sign-up sheet is full, you will not be guaranteed a spot, but could still be accommodated if time allows. Please bring $47 in cash or check and stop by the fingerprinting station if you are interested. Thanks! go/5080a4babad2fa46- fingerprinting