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Montessori Program Principals Update

Here is the information that Superintendent Rosas sent out regarding the new principal for NSM and Parkside in case you missed the announcement.

June 16, 2017

Dear Parkside and North Shoreview Montessori Families,

At the Board meeting on June 15, 2017, an announcement was made regarding administrative positions at both Parkside Montessori and North Shoreview Montessori.

Ms. Abbie Wishart was named the Principal of Parkside Montessori and Ms. Melinda Fore was named the Principal of North Shoreview Montessori.   They are truly a dynamic team bringing strong literacy expertise, curriculum development, and Montessori experience to the program.

During and after the interviews for North Shoreview Montessori there was conversation about the preferred candidate, Ms. Wishart, and the strengths that both Ms. Wishart and Ms. Fore could bring to the Montessori program.  Based on those conversations, a review of the strengths of the two administrators and careful consideration of what was best for the program as a whole, this decision was made.  Together, Ms. Wishart and Ms. Fore, will advance the program at both schools for the betterment of the students.

Both Ms. Fore and Ms. Wishart were involved in the conversation about this change and understand the value in the placements.  Ms. Fore has thoroughly enjoyed her tenure at Parkside Montessori and will continue to maintain close connections there as a partner in ensuring the strength of both sites.  Ms. Wishart looks forward to working with the Parkside staff, families and students along with establishing a relationship with St. Mary’s College.

While Ms. Fore is known, Ms. Wishart is new to the program although not new to the District.  Ms. Wishart is a well-respected teacher in the San Mateo–Foster City School District.  She holds a preliminary Administrative Services Credential, a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and an International Montessori Teacher Diploma which she received from the Sion Hill Montessori College in Dublin, Ireland.  She was a teacher at Parkside in the Montessori program for fourteen years and more recently taught at Baywood Elementary.  For several years, Ms. Wishart has also taught the Montessori Mathematics curriculum at the College of Notre Dame.

Retiring Principal Harrison, Principal Fore and Principal Wishart have already scheduled meetings through the summer to work on transition and plans for the 2017-2018 school year.  Additionally, an opportunity is being scheduled by both Principal Fore and Principal Wishart for Montessori families to meet with both of them prior to the opening of school.  Please watch for a notification through the PTA.


Joan Rosas, Ed.D.

16 de junio del 2017

Estimadas Familias de Parkside y North Shoreview Montessori,

En la reunión de la Junta de Consejeros el 15 de junio del 2017, se hizo un anuncio sobre las posiciones administrativas en  Parkside Montessori y North Shoreview Montessori.

La Srta. Abbie Wishart fue nombrada la Directora de Parkside Montessori y la Srta. Melinda Fore fue nombrada la directora de North Shoreview Montessori.   Realmente son un equipo dinámico que trae experiencia solida de alfabetización, desarrollo de currículo, y experiencia Montessori al programa.

Durante y después de las entrevistas para North Shoreview Montessori hubo una conversación sobre el candidato preferido, la Srta. Wishart, y las fortalezas que la Srta. Wishart y la Srta. Fore podrían traer al programa. Basado en esas conversaciones, un repaso de las fortalezas de las dos administradoras, y una cuidadosa consideración de lo que era mejor para el programa en general, fue tomada la decisión. Juntas, la Srta. Wishart y la Srta. Fore impulsarán el programa en las dos escuelas para beneficio de los estudiantes.

La Srta. Fore y la Srta. Wishart estuvieron involucradas en la conversación sobre este cambio y comprenden el valor de las colocaciones. La Srta. Fore realmente ha disfrutado su estancia en Parkside Montessori y continuara manteniendo conexiones cercanas ahí como compañera asegurando las fortalezas en los dos sitios. La Srta. Wishart espera trabajar con el personal de Parkside, las familias, y los estudiantes y en establaciendo relaciones con St. Mary’s College.

Mientras la Srta. Fore es conocida, la Srta. Wishart es nueva al programa, aunque no es nueva al Distrito. La Srta.  Wishart es una maestra muy respetada en el Distrito Escolar San Mateo–Foster City.  Ella tiene una Credencial preliminar de Servicios Administrativos, una Maestría en Educación de Edad Temprana, y un Diploma de Maestra Montessori Internacional, que recibió de Sion Hill Montessori College en Dublín, Irlanda. Ella fue maestra en Parkside en el programa Montessori por catorce años y recientemente enseño en la Primaria Baywood.  Por varios años, la Srta. Wishart también enseño el currículo de Matemáticas Montessori en el Colegio de Notre Dame.

La Directora Harrison que se retira, la Directora Fore, y la Directora Wishart  ya  programaron reuniones durante el verano para trabajar en planes de transición para el año escolar 2017-2018.  Adicionalmente, una oportunidad está siendo programada por la Directora Fore y la Directora Wishart para que las familias Montessori las conozcan antes de que comiencen las clases. Por favor estén atentos por una notificación del PTA.


Joan Rosas, Ed.D.

School is Out!

School is OUT!

Let’s get some “stuff” done before we really sink into not making lunches and rushing out of the house each morning to get to school.

Report your Volunteer hours– we need everyone need to report their volunteer hours!  Do it now and really be done for the summer!


If you did not pick up your medication from the office, you have until June 20 to do so.  Then is will be transferred to the district office for pick up.


The newsletter will begin again on August 3rd.  If you have information you need to share with the NSM community, please email by Monday morning of that week.

We are looking for someone to help with our Spanish Communications for the newsletter and other Spanish translated PTA items for the 2017-2018 school year.  Our Spanish reading community found this very helpful in keeping up with the school events and we would like to start the 2017-2018 school year off with having someone to do this translating.

If you are interested, please contact  We need someone with reliable access to a computer and in need of at-home volunteering hours.  About 1 hour per week.

Teacher and Principal Update: 

By now everyone knows that Ms Tara Valentine will be moving over to Parkside to be the TK-K teacher.  It is a wonderful opportunity for her and great for Parkside and the Montessori Program, but as for NSM, we will miss her and are saddened that we will not have her guiding our little ones.

We also say good-bye to Ms Anne who is a fairly new teacher but greatly appreciated and adored by many 2nd graders we know.  We wish her luck in her new adventures!

We have not heard from the District about a new principal as of yet, but as soon as one is hired the District will be sending out information via email to all of us.

Kindergarten Mentoring Families:

We are looking for families that are willing to take an incoming family under their wings and help them find their way around our school. Possibilities would be to go to events together, explain what a Count-Me-In Party is, show them how to log volunteer hours, sign up for the newsletter, tell them about the International Potluck and all the great NSM events, and just be the family that they can approach with questions about how we do things at NSM.

The only way to keep our community active and strong is to include all members into it.  We all want to be radically welcoming to our new families and that means we need YOU!  Please send an email to to let us know you are willing to join the Family Mentor-ship Program!  If you speak Spanish as first or second language, please let us know in your response!

School Starts: The Ice Cream Social for 2017-2018 school year is Monday, August 14th, and school begins, Tuesday, August 15th!  Watch for more information at the end of summer.


ok!  Now you can go camping, and swimming, and traveling, and be as lazy as you wish!!

Happy Summer North Shoreview!

End of Year Reminders/ Fin de año recordatorios:

  • Check the Lost and Found boxes in the gym! They are stuffed full! / ¡Ver que cajas de perdido y encontrado en el gimnasio! ¡Están llenas por completo!
  • There will be no brunch on Wednesday, June 14./ No habrá ningún brunch el miércoles, 14 de junio.
  • If you have medication in the office, please plan to retrieve it before June 20. / Si tienes medicamentos en la oficina, planea recogerlos antes del 20 de junio.

Looking for your Volunteer Project for 2017-2018??

We need some help for 2017-2018!

 Auction Co-Chair (Committee Head):  Renee needs some help coordinating the Auction.  We as a school cannot expect one person alone to be the back-bone and organizer of the MAJOR fundraiser for the year.  There are plenty of committee seats under the Co-Chair, but there really needs to be AT LEAST 2 people in the Chair position for this.  Please help!

Magic Night Coordinator: Contact the magician and then put the evening together (schedule the gym, tell the newsletter, get someone to sell popcorn).

Spanish Translator for Newsletter: Read the Spanish newsletter and correct any grammar errors and then email back to Communications.  Must have reliable access to email.  Takes about 1 hour (maybe) per week for entire school year, minus breaks.  (This is mainly an at home volunteering opportunity.)

Questions or want to volunteer? Contact