Donate to Support NSM

Direct Donation

Our Direct Donation Campaign is the simplest of our fundraising programs and we warmly welcome and need ALL levels of participation and giving.

We invite our entire community to participate in this program with a chosen amount that fits your family’s values and budget. 100% of your donation will make a difference for your child, her/his teacher, and our NSM community.

Donate Today! It’s Easy & Tax Deductible.


Sustainability is part of our Montessori education, and what a better way to teach our children this value and raise funds for them as well. Therefore, the NSM PTA participates in the Schoola Fundraising Program. Schoola supports school clothing drives, sells pre-loved children’s clothing on their website, and returns 40% of the proceeds back to the participating schools.

You can help in many ways:

Money for NSM programs are in the bag! Fill a bag with your child’s pre-loved and outgrown clothes, and place it in the Schoola box in the gym during our Schoola donation drive.

Want to DIY? Order a bag from, fill it with your child’s adorable outgrown clothes, and will pick it up at your home.

Our donated clothes is added to the NSM Shop on, where shoppers make their purchases and support our school. For every $5 shoppers spend, NSM gets $2 (=40%). The more we sell the more we make.

Please share our NSM shop with friends and family through email or social media. The more people see our store, the more we sell, the more we earn. Thank you!