Montessori Expansion

On January 8, 2015, the SMFC School Board unanimously approved the recommendation of the Montessori Task Force to expand the K-8 Montessori program at North Shoreview and Parkside schools.  Members of the Montessori community are continuing to develop plans for how the North Shoreview and Parkside Montessori campuses can best work together to ensure the success of our expanding Montessori program. As determined at the Montessori Town Hall meeting in June 2016, the main tasks for 2016-17 are (1) to revise the mission and purpose stated in the MPC’s by-laws so that it can become the umbrella organization supporting the Montessori program at both Parkside and North Shoreview; (2) propose a structure for the board to promote balance and transparency between the two campuses; and (3) to plan how the umbrella organization and the two PTAs will conduct fundraising for 2017-18.  Work on these tasks began at the Montessori Town Hall on October 12.  We are aiming for a final version of the by-laws to be put to the community in Spring 2017 and ratified by the current MPC membership in June 2017.  All interested parents, staff, and community members are invited to participate; please contact NSM PTA president at for further information.

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