Middle School Camping Chaperones Needed!

Need volunteer hours and enjoy camping?  This is open to all K-8 parents/adult care givers at NSM.  No younger children please.

We are in need of chaperones for the 6-8 grades camping trips the week of June 5th.     If you are available and willing we would love to have you join us while we camp.   The 8th graders will be at New Brighton Beach Monday the 5th-Wednesday the 7th.

The 6th/7th graders will be at Memorial Park Wednesday the 7th-Friday the 9th.  The kids even cook for you. You will have a fair amount of down time so bring a book or two!   We have shifts ranging from daytime only, evening only or a full 24 hours if that works for your schedule.

If you can help out please email Leslie McMahon at lmcmahon@smfc.k12.ca.us.

¡Medio Camping necesita acompañantes!

¿Necesitan horas voluntarias? Estamos necesitados de acompañantes para los grados 6-8 viajes de camping de la semana del 5 de junio. Si estás disponible y dispuestos nos encantaría que se uniera a nosotros mientras que acampamos. El 8º grado será en New Brighton Beach el lunes 5 hasta el miércoles 7. El  6th y el 7th grado será en el parque conmemorativo del miércoles 7th al viernes 9th. Los niños incluso cocinan para usted. Usted tendrá una buena cantidad de tiempo así que traiga un libro. Tenemos turnos que van de día, sólo la noche o 24 horas si funciona para su horario. Esto está abierto a todos K-8 padres y adultos cuidadores en NSM. Por favor no niños pequeños.

Si usted puede ayudar por favor enviar un correo electrónico a  Leslie McMahon a lmcmahon@smfc.k12.ca.us .



Mentor Families Needed

We have 48 incoming Kindergarten families and need you to help them appreciate NSM the way only you do… Sign up now…

We are looking for families that are willing to take an incoming family under their wings and help them find their way around our school. Possibilities would be to go to events together, explain what a Count-Me-In Party is, show them how to log volunteer hours, sign up for the newsletter, tell them about the International Potluck and all the great NSM events, and just be the family that they can approach with questions about how we do things at NSM.

The only way to keep our community active and strong is to include all members into it.  We all want to be radically welcoming to our new families and that means we need YOU!  Please send an email to membership@nsmontessori.org to let us know you are willing to join the Family Mentor-ship Program!  If you speak Spanish as first or second language, please let us know in your response!

Newsletter help for 2017-2018

We are looking for someone to help with our Spanish Communications for the newsletter and other Spanish translated PTA items for the 2017-2018 school year.

If you are interested, please contact news@nsmontessori.org.

We need someone with reliable access to a computer and in need of at-home volunteering hours.  About 1 hour per school week.

General PTA Meeting: June 14th

8:15am in the Library

Join the PTA for the last general PTA meeting of the 2016-2017 school year.  We will vote on the budget, hand out the volunteer certificates, and just celebrate school being over for the few minutes between the bell and the Variety Show at 8:45am.

Report your volunteer hours…

Report your Volunteer hours

Have you done your time???  If not, there is still a lot of work to be done at Dad’s BBQ, Art in Action, promotion ceremonies, middle school camping trips… you can easily find a way to put in your hours before the end of school!

And for those who have done hours — we need everyone need to report their volunteer hours!

If you need a computer to report your hours, there is one in the office for this purpose.

Did you know that we need all the volunteer hours reported – even if you have completed more than 30 for our non-profit status? As well as, all hours are reported to the State PTA for data.  So keep reporting, even if you think you are done.