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Thanks for visiting the website of the North Shoreview Montessori Parent-Teacher Association (NSM PTA). This site is maintained by parent volunteers on behalf of the NSM PTA. The costs of operating the site is supported entirely by voluntary contributions to the PTA; no school district funds are used. If you see any errors or omissions, or if you would like to submit information about a school-related event, activity, or club, please contact us at Submissions are posted weekly during the school year.

Some pages on this website ask for your personal information–for example, for the school directory or tracking volunteer hours. Providing this information is voluntary; please provide only the information you want us to have. This information is shared with the school administration, the PTA board, and other committees that support the public Montessori program in the San Mateo-Foster City School District.  We don’t share any information with other organizations.

Although we review all linked websites when they are first added, we are not responsible for their content. They are maintained by other organizations and may be changed without notice. We cannot assure you of the continuing safe content or effective privacy provisions pertaining to those sites. If you encounter material on these sites that seems inappropriate, please let us know immediately. Please note that Internet use at school is a supervised activity. We strongly encourage parents and guardians to work together with their children whenever they use the Internet.

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