Detailed Weekly Schedules

School events are scheduled using Google Calendar.  To add a school event to the calendar, contact the school office.

If you use Google Calendar, you can view these events in your own calendar.  On many devices, you can elect the calendars you want to see from the pull-down menu at the upper right, then press the +Google Calendar button at the bottom right.  Or use these iCal addresses to configure your calendar device:

NSM general calendar:

NSM PTA Events:

Additional calendars used for scheduling during the school day (use these codes followed by

NSM Room 1 Art & Science Room: vusi2drm012840pred0mpl4b9o

NSM Room 5 (Music & Language): 3i4c5pssj1kvckusa47ib67tdc

NSM Library: 79ftsq444k9h5ka4rkh55kv67k

NSM Gym & Stage: j7d0d1804r44330ocfmf1lmu08

NSM Staff Lounge:  vaqih1jkdejcoah5hc9namm3hc